Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today, in many English-speaking countries, there are immigrants (adults and children) who do not speak English. At present in some of those countries only, school-age children are given free language tuition but, if all immigrants are to be integrated into their new society, language tuition should be available for all. What is your opinion of this suggestion?

In many countries there are immigrants who do not know how speak the native language. Nowadays, in more of those countries only the government's educational programs help children to reach the basic level of the native language. Hence, the students learn to listen more than speak and read more than write in order to get a low level job. On the other hand, I do believe that, the adult immigrants need to learn to speak the native language.

First of all I believe that immigrants must be entitled to learn the native language for the simple reason that they are, for example, in Greek speaking country. So, if the immigrants learn to speak fluently the language of the host country, they will be able to grab many opportunities there. For instance, the immigrants can communicate with other people in the host country and have the chance to find a well-paid and dignified job, which will match their qualifications.

Moreover, the immigrants need help from the indigenous population in order to adapt to their new society. To succeed in it, they have to be urged from the local government to learn more about the literacy, the history and the culture of the host country. Thus, the immigrants can feel as an important part of the host country and they can even help in the country's further development!

In conclusion, for all the above reasons, I firmly believe that the local people should urge all immigrants, especially the adult ones to gain knowledge of the host country's language and culture in order to help them to have a better integrate in their new society and make a fresh start as members of it!


Many children with serious learning difficulties or physical disabilities are excluded from mainstream classes and, in some cases, are sent to special schools so that they rarely come into contact with their "ordinary" peers. What is your opinion of this type of schooling?

Many children are mentally or physically disabled. For this reason, these children are excluded from traditional schools and they are sent to special schools to be educated. In my opinion, the children with serious mental disorders have to be sent to special schools. On the other side, I believe that the children who are physically challenged could be sent to traditional schools.

 Special schools are designed to ensure that students with mental disabilities will be educated effectively. In this kind of schools children are provided with an environment which allows them to develop friendships with similar children, so they will not feel add, due to the prejudice which grows into the school against children with disorders Also, the special education can include a range of support services which depend on the special educational needs of the students. In addition, the probability to fall prey to bullies is decreased. Another,benefit of special schools is that the children there can participate in games and activities and learn how to cooperate with other kids.

On the other hand, the physically-challenged children could be sent to traditional schools so as to be offered equal opportunities which most of the children enjoy today. Also, we must take into account that if the children with physical disabilities are sent to special schools, they will be deprived of the wide education which is offered in all of the children in traditional schools. Furthermore, in the special schools there is no opportunity for them to meet other "normal" children, who do not suffer from any health problems. Moreover, if the kids with physical disabilities go to special schools, they will not ever be possible to become part of our society, due to the fact that they will have been shielded from the real world.

In conclusion, I think that all the above make clear that the children with serious mental dificulties can cope better if they attend lessons in special schools, whereas the children with physical disabilities should enroll in traditional schools. This type of education could help these children to lead the quality life they deserve!


With technology advancing more rapidly than ever, it is hard to keep track of the latest new computer game. let alone the huge advances being made in industries. But now is this effecting the workplace with technology and machines taking the place of humans? It is now becoming increasingly hard to fing a job for life. Some argue that industries are more productive and efficient than ever before, whilst others remain more skeptical of the advances.

In recent years, there have been many technological innovations. Alot of them, such as the computers, the robots and the machines have put people out of a job. To tell you the truth, I can not urge that the development of technology eliminates the jobs bacause innovations do not fire people but bosses do! I believe that there must be a cooperation between technology and people. So, the companies have to use technology and people in a balanced way. I am saying that for many reasons.

First of all, technological innovations make workers more efficient and productive. That happens bacause when people use the technology, they work rapidly, effectively and profitably. So, people who have skills to use the technology gainfully and have a desire to be better, they will have no fear of replacement.

On the other side, when the technology is used ineffectively, it leads to the elimination of jobs and work insecurity. As a result, joblessness is increased by replacing people in many workplaces. For example, a software which is offered free on the net can replace people!

In conclusion, for all the above reasons, I believe that the managers and all of us in our everyday life have to use the advanced technology for the best!


Do you think there is equality between men and women in the workplace?

I believe that, today, there is not equality between men and women in the working environment. I am saying that because it is believed that the woman's role within the family is to stay at home, take care of her children and do all the housework. Moreover, the typical career options for a man is to be a doctor, a lawyer or a builder. In contrast, the typical career options for a woman is to be a teacher, a nurse or a paediatrician. These are professions which are related to children. So the woman have limited options! In terms of the inherent roles, the man is supposed to be the bread winner and the woman to be the tender mum! Taking all the above into consideration, we can understand that there are not equal opportunities for the two sexes.