Friday, February 26, 2010


To: Mr George Karampourniotis
From: Joanna Sfiga
Subject: A report about the quality of the "Villas are us!"
Date: 16 February 2010

Having spent two weeks in Greece checking the quality of accommodation and services provided by "Villas are us!", I am writing this report to explain my findings.

On their holiday brochure they promote the quality of the provided services in villas. Firstly, they mentioned that the luxury holidays villas are located in a quiet area. In addition, it is said that every villa offers hospitality for up to six people. Moreover, the villas are cleaned every day to a high standard. It is, also, said that the swimming pool is in a perfect condition and that a luxury welcome basket will be in every villa. Finally, it is mentioned that they offer transfer to and from the airport.

After spending two weeks in "Villas are us!" in Greece, I committed to paper numerous of shortcomings. To begin with, the villas are located in a noisy area, near a nightclub. Additionally, there are many stray dogs outside the villa and during the night I heard them barking. Another point to take into consideration is that there was a damp wall in one room and it smelled disgusting. Moreover, the villas were cleaned only on five days in two weeks and the swimming pool had never been cleaned before! As for, the "luxury welcome basket", it comprised of a cheap wine and sandwiches. Last but least, I had to wait for two hours in the airport when I arrived, while it is claimed on the brochure that their services aim at making everything easier for the guests of the villas.

Finally, it is clear that the resort "Villas are us!" does not provide the luxury facilities which are promoted on the brochure. I feel discontented with the organization in this resort and I believe that our company does not what to offer this kind of quality to our customers. So, the facilities of the "Villas are us!" do not meet the requirements of our company.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


What are the characteristics of a good teacher?

When I was younger I wanted to become a teacher. In fact, everyone can be a teacher, but to be a good teacher you need "work"! In my opinion, there are many characteristics which a good teacher should have in order to be a well-organized and successful professional.

Firstly, a good teacher must be a good-listener and absolutely fair. He/She has to give the students the liberty to express their opinion and at the same time to recognise their efforts.

Furthermore, a teacher should have specialized knowledge, be patient and intelligent. For example, when the students don't understand what the teacher says, the teacher should explain them the same thing in a different and more simple way! A good instructor has the right knowledge to do this.

Moreover, effective teachers encourage the students to study and to try to search more in books or even better by surfing the net. For instance, my teacher in English pervaded me to create a blog to practice the language!

In addition, other important characteristics of a competent teacher is to be sociable, talkative, understanding and with a good sense of humour. In this way, the teacher can be friendly with the students while teaching them.

In conclusion, a good teacher should have all the above positive characteristics and even more in order to succeed!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vocabulary Calendar of January

1. As we were driving to Elouda, we stopped to admire the scenery.
2. She tidied her room scrupulously.
3. These days, I seek for employment in order.
4. Try to be sensible don't talk like that.
5. I sat under the tree's shade.
6. I shielded her with my body
7. I have just rented a single-story house.
8. I would like you to sketch my face.
9. I didn't recognize him! He is very slim now!
10. I like to have solitary moments in my life!
11. I am suspicious that he is a robber!
12. My teacher Christina drives a "swift" car!
13. I love my new decoration in my house because of the symphony of colours in there.
14. Where did the accident take place?
15. What's the temperature today?
16. This movie is terrifying so I don't suggest it to you.
17. I don't agree with him. He has his own theories.
18. He will not come and talk to me because he is very timid.
19. I started crying when I watched the most touching ecene of the movie.
20. I will not tolerate your inappropriate behaviour.
21. My boss threatened to fire me.
22. On the first day at work he told me what my duties will be.
23. They decided to construct a church near to house.
24. I find difficulty in learning a new language.
25. I am proud of his victory.
26. I am opposed to his plans.
27. She is determined to succeed.
28. He is always punctual, as he arrives on time.
29. I admire my teacher bacause she has a resourceful mind.
30. The old man signed with his initials.
31. We must co-ordinate our efforts.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


= linking word + subject + verb


e.g. Looking at the mirror, I decided to wear the blue skirt.
While I was looking at the mirror, I decided to wear the blue skirt.

e.g. The bridge, to be constructed in 3 years, will cut down on traffic.
The bridge, which will be constructed in 3 years, will cut down on traffic.

past participle:
e.g. Blood tranfusions, first used in World War I, are now common medical practice.
Blood tranfusions, which were first used in World War I, are now common medical practice.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So + adj/adv (+ that + clause)
e.g. You look so beautiful today that I want to kiss you.

Such (+a/an) +adj + noun (+ that + clause)
e.g. You are such a good boy that you deserve a present.
It is such a good weather today!

So + adj + a/an + noun
e.g. It was located in so industrial an area.


I don't know what you are talking about.
Can you tell me what time it is?


Make sb do sth.
Have sb do sth.

Get sb to do sth.
Force sb to do sth.

Friday, February 5, 2010


It is important, vital, necessary, essential, crucial..+(that)+subject+bare infinitive+(should)+clause.
e.g. It is crusial that he be on time.
It is necessary that he work hard.

I insist, suggest, recommend...
e.g. I insist that he go there.
I recommend that she buy the flat.
I suggest that we be relaxed at work.


Not only...but also...
e.g. Not only did he cheat on me, but he also yelled at me.

Barely, Hardly, Scarcely...
e.g. Scarcely had I opened the door when I saw him.

Always, Never, In no way...
Under no circumstances...

Only if/after/when..., inverted main-clause.
e.g Only if I see that, will I believe it.


If you see John, sai hi.
Should you see John, say hi.

If I were you, I would apologize.
Were I you, I would apologize.

If You had studied, you would have passed.
Had you studied, you would have passed.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010



  • If + Present Simple --> will + verb
e.g. If we don't do our homework, our teacher will be furious.
Unless we do our homework, our teacher will be furious.

Provided (that)...
Providing (that)...
As long as...
e.g. Provided that the weather is good, the match will take place as usual.

NOTE: No "will", even if they refer to the future!
e.g. If you go Paris make sure you visit the Louvre.

when, while, before, after, as soon as -->
Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect -->
to refer to the future!!

While you stay in Paris, make sure you visit the Louvre.
When I am sitting on the beach, I love reading books.
As soon as you have arrived home, please call me.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Compare yourself today and yourself five years ago. In what ways are you the same or different?

All the people as they get older undergo changes. Comparing myself today and five years ago, I find a lot of differences. I believe that I have changed in many aspects personally and professionally.

Five years ago, I was a 20-year-old spontaneous easy-going girl. I was in the second year in the University of Crete. At that time, I did not have any job experience and I was thinking in a difference way. I didn’t care about the future; I was just living for the present. I trusted everyone without taking into account the consequences. I also used to spend money without thinking about how to gain it. I lived in my family’s house and I was totally dependent on my family. Moreover, I was mad about reading books and going to the cinema to watch the latest films.

Five years later, I have evolved into a responsible and mature woman. I have graduated from the University of Crete and I am planning to apply for a postgraduate degree on Economics. Furthermore, I sell products by Avon cosmetics. I don’t gain much money but I make enough money to obtain the cosmetics I need free of charge. That kind of work has a lot of fun because it is a cause to keep in touch with your friends and also to communicate with other people. What is more, I feel more mature and confident. Now, I am thinking a lot before making the next step. As far as my personal life is concerned, today, I am engaged! After, two years of relationship, we decided to live the rest of our lives together. What is more, I have more experience which helps me to make the right decisions. I have, already, bought my own house and I live together with my partner. The only sad thing is that I haven’t got much free time to read books or to go to the cinema or to go on a trip due to today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Generally, I lack the time to do all my hobbies, which I did five years ago.

In conclusion, I reckon that all the things in my life have changed for the best. However, even more changes would be welcome!