Monday, June 7, 2010


It is a fact that a teacher of a young person is able to influence them. In my opinion, a good or bad teacher can affect the student’s life in a positive or negative way.

A good teacher is sociable, talkative, understanding and with a good sense of humor. They give the students the liberty to express theirselves and at the same time they help them to develop their skills and abilities. Additionally, they stimulate the students to search more in books and even more by surfing the Internet. On the other hand, a bad teacher discourages the students by scaring them. Therefore, they abhor school and feel discontented with it. Moreover, a strict teacher does not make efforts to get to know the children in order to create a warm atmosphere.

Based on my own experience, my teacher o English is an absolutely good teacher who urges me to express myself, my thoughts and my feelings. She finds various ways to help me to practice my knowledge in English and gain more of it. For instance, she encourages me to watch films without subtitles in order to practice the language. Furthermore, she motivates me to create a blog. This helps me to organize my learning and enhance my knowledge in English. She is a really well-organized and a true professional!

In conclusion, I firmly believe that the teacher’s influence on students is very important and all teachers should be aware of this before entering a classroom.


  1. You forgot to add that your crazy teacher urges you to go to the gym even though you have so much studying to do! This is a part of a teacher's hard job: going to the gym along with students, hehe!

  2. I also forgot to tell you that I love the way you have embedded the Earth Day wall in your side bar! Bravo! :)