Thursday, June 10, 2010


To: Student body
From: Manager of the catering service
Subject: A report concerning the improvement of the college catering service.
Date: Friday 7 May 2010

Having considered the comments which I received from the students in order to improve the catering service the upcoming school year, I am writing this report to explain my suggestions on how the catering service can be better.

The students are disappointed with the college catering service in many ways. First of all, they maintain that there is no range of healthy food. On the contrary, the food is prepackaged without any nutritional details. In addition, they claim that the place where the meals are provided is uncomfortable with no sense of attractiveness. Moreover, it is mentioned that the food which is offered is very expensive without any discount. The students’ final reference is to the unending lines of students who are waiting to be served and the limited working hours of the food service.

It is generally felt that we have to make efforts in order to improve the college catering service. For this reason, I suggest that, at first, we have to stop providing unhealthy food to the students. We have to provide a range of healthy food as a great salad bar with fresh vegetables. Additionally, we should decorate the place by painting the walls and adding funny pictures and paintings. Also, we should organize a new relaxing area including comfortable sofas and tables where students can relieve their stress, enjoy watching TV and listening to music. What is more, it is advisable to provide controlled meals combined with allergy warnings. Furthermore, I recommend a discount for some students with low incomes. For instance, we can provide them with a card and every time they have a meal they ought to show that card. Last but not least, we should hire staff in order for the catering service to remain open through the evening till late at night and serve the students rapidly.

To sum up, I feel sure that if all the above recommendations are taken into account we will achieve quality service combined with healthy and economical food which will be provided by the service of the college.


  1. You hadn't written a report here before; it is superb! :)

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