Monday, November 16, 2009

TOEFL Speaking Part 2

1. Do you prefer to take essay exams or multiple choice exams?

I prefer to take multiple choice exams. There are two reasons for this.
Firstly, I believe that it is easier to find the correct answer, because you have three or four options and the correct answer is one them.
Secondly, you don’t need to spend much time in order to justify your response.
For these two reasons, I find the multiple choice exams more manageable!

2. Would you prefer to take a trip by plane or by train?

I love the route by train! There are many reasons for that.
First of all, I could sit and relax. Otherwise, I could meeting other people and have fun!
In addition, I would have a chance to take a look at the spectacular scenery which I couldn’t do if I travelled by plane.
For the above reasons and many more, I find the trip by train more interesting!

3. Would you like to live in a big city or a small town?

I would like to live in a small town. There are many reasons for that.
One of them, is that I could get about without using a car and going whenever I want. I love walking, so, a small town is ideal for me. In this way, I would avoid the traffic!
Furthermore, in a small town I would have an easy life, with more friendly people and a closer circle of friends.
To sum up, the above reasons are the most important ones, but there are many more!

4. Do you think it is better to study alone or study with friends?

In my opinion, it’s better to study alone for many reasons.
Firstly, when you study alone you can concentrate better on your work because there isn’t anyone to disturb you.
Moreover, you can have a break whenever you want, without having to follow the others’ programme. Therefore, you can function independently.
For these two reasons, I believe that it’s more effective to study alone than to study with other!

5. Do you prefer to play sports or watch sports?

I prefer to play sports for many reasons.
First of all, you can keep fit and healthy. Otherwise, the life we lead is sedentary.
Additionally, you can have fun by acquainting other people. Team sports, especially, enhance cooperation and develop new friendships.
So, playing sports, instead of watching them, is fulfilling and intriguing!


  1. Bravo Joanna! I can see you constantly enrich your vocabulary! Remember to include pictures and links in your posts every now and then. See you soon!

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