Monday, November 2, 2009

Vocabulary Calendar of October

  1. I will borrow money to go on holiday.
  2. The policeman came into the house by force.
  3. My boyfriend is emotional!
  4. When I was going to work, I met him by chance.
  5. The disease has killed thousand people in last months.
  6. I made a crucial decision about my future.
  7. The little boy’s behavior wasn’t proper.
  8. Which is the amount of money we have to pay for that?
  9. I moved in Heraklion 3 years ago.
  10. In the meeting with a novel client I involved in a lively debate.
  11. He accepted my offer spontaneously.
  12. Today there were two serious incidences at the hospital.
  13. His behavior was violent.
  14. The detective was searching for evidence.
  15. She failed the exams due to a lack of confidence.
  16. The little children imitate the behavior of their parents.
  17. This weekend I will visit my relatives in Thessaloniki.
  18. I focus my attention on finding a solution for the problem that I face.
  19. The policeman couldn’t correlate the two facts.
  20. I like reading books of all sorts.
  21. We are approaching our destination.
  22. The children are influenced by theirs peers.
  23. My views differ from yours.
  24. Next week I’m going to go sightseeing in Acropolis.
  25. She tried to express her feeling but he didn’t seem to realize anything.
  26. The little guy has an inherent talent.
  27. He behaved without dignity.
  28. I drew the conclusion after I read the text.
  29. Yesterday was a national holiday.
  30. Working out in a gym I released all my energy.
  31. The confrontation of problem needed a method to be followed.

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