Monday, November 16, 2009

Vocabulary Calendar of November

1. I try to take advantage of every chance I meet.
2. I am influenced by horror films and I have nightmares at night!
3. I have to work diligently in order to achieve my aims.
4. I sat in a shaded place to rest after 2 hours of running.
5. I contribute to the decrease of the exhaust fumes by getting about on foot.
6. A major feature of a devastated area is the lack of water.
7. The company that I have sent an application to is internationally acclaimed.
8. We have already sent the invitation to the prominent author “…”.
9. Last night I didn’t sleep due to the anxiety I had.
10. After 5 years of hard work, he managed to have his own house.
11. This book gives advice ti parents on discipline.
12. These days a lot of people live under difficult circumstances.
13. She noticed that the night life was thriving.
14. He has a respectable family.
15. The old man who lives next to me has an enormous amount of money.
16. I came up with an innovative idea in the meeting.
17. Many companies search various ways of attracting potential customers.
18. Research demonstrates that many young people are disappointed with their job.
19. This road has been under construction for over a year.
20. She became rich due to a bequest of $5.000.000.
21. Next year I am going to implement the rules of a healthy lifestyle.
22. The instructions I have to follow are very strict.
23. I am trying to convince her to come with me, but she doesn't want to do so.
24. The polling is decided to start at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
25. I have doubts whether she tells me the truth or not.

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