Friday, February 26, 2010


To: Mr George Karampourniotis
From: Joanna Sfiga
Subject: A report about the quality of the "Villas are us!"
Date: 16 February 2010

Having spent two weeks in Greece checking the quality of accommodation and services provided by "Villas are us!", I am writing this report to explain my findings.

On their holiday brochure they promote the quality of the provided services in villas. Firstly, they mentioned that the luxury holidays villas are located in a quiet area. In addition, it is said that every villa offers hospitality for up to six people. Moreover, the villas are cleaned every day to a high standard. It is, also, said that the swimming pool is in a perfect condition and that a luxury welcome basket will be in every villa. Finally, it is mentioned that they offer transfer to and from the airport.

After spending two weeks in "Villas are us!" in Greece, I committed to paper numerous of shortcomings. To begin with, the villas are located in a noisy area, near a nightclub. Additionally, there are many stray dogs outside the villa and during the night I heard them barking. Another point to take into consideration is that there was a damp wall in one room and it smelled disgusting. Moreover, the villas were cleaned only on five days in two weeks and the swimming pool had never been cleaned before! As for, the "luxury welcome basket", it comprised of a cheap wine and sandwiches. Last but least, I had to wait for two hours in the airport when I arrived, while it is claimed on the brochure that their services aim at making everything easier for the guests of the villas.

Finally, it is clear that the resort "Villas are us!" does not provide the luxury facilities which are promoted on the brochure. I feel discontented with the organization in this resort and I believe that our company does not what to offer this kind of quality to our customers. So, the facilities of the "Villas are us!" do not meet the requirements of our company.

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