Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vocabulary Calendar of January

1. As we were driving to Elouda, we stopped to admire the scenery.
2. She tidied her room scrupulously.
3. These days, I seek for employment in order.
4. Try to be sensible don't talk like that.
5. I sat under the tree's shade.
6. I shielded her with my body
7. I have just rented a single-story house.
8. I would like you to sketch my face.
9. I didn't recognize him! He is very slim now!
10. I like to have solitary moments in my life!
11. I am suspicious that he is a robber!
12. My teacher Christina drives a "swift" car!
13. I love my new decoration in my house because of the symphony of colours in there.
14. Where did the accident take place?
15. What's the temperature today?
16. This movie is terrifying so I don't suggest it to you.
17. I don't agree with him. He has his own theories.
18. He will not come and talk to me because he is very timid.
19. I started crying when I watched the most touching ecene of the movie.
20. I will not tolerate your inappropriate behaviour.
21. My boss threatened to fire me.
22. On the first day at work he told me what my duties will be.
23. They decided to construct a church near to house.
24. I find difficulty in learning a new language.
25. I am proud of his victory.
26. I am opposed to his plans.
27. She is determined to succeed.
28. He is always punctual, as he arrives on time.
29. I admire my teacher bacause she has a resourceful mind.
30. The old man signed with his initials.
31. We must co-ordinate our efforts.

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  1. I think I now who you are talking about in a couple of your sentences... I am honoured!!!

    p.s. You don't expect a higher mark for that, do you? :)