Monday, February 1, 2010


Compare yourself today and yourself five years ago. In what ways are you the same or different?

All the people as they get older undergo changes. Comparing myself today and five years ago, I find a lot of differences. I believe that I have changed in many aspects personally and professionally.

Five years ago, I was a 20-year-old spontaneous easy-going girl. I was in the second year in the University of Crete. At that time, I did not have any job experience and I was thinking in a difference way. I didn’t care about the future; I was just living for the present. I trusted everyone without taking into account the consequences. I also used to spend money without thinking about how to gain it. I lived in my family’s house and I was totally dependent on my family. Moreover, I was mad about reading books and going to the cinema to watch the latest films.

Five years later, I have evolved into a responsible and mature woman. I have graduated from the University of Crete and I am planning to apply for a postgraduate degree on Economics. Furthermore, I sell products by Avon cosmetics. I don’t gain much money but I make enough money to obtain the cosmetics I need free of charge. That kind of work has a lot of fun because it is a cause to keep in touch with your friends and also to communicate with other people. What is more, I feel more mature and confident. Now, I am thinking a lot before making the next step. As far as my personal life is concerned, today, I am engaged! After, two years of relationship, we decided to live the rest of our lives together. What is more, I have more experience which helps me to make the right decisions. I have, already, bought my own house and I live together with my partner. The only sad thing is that I haven’t got much free time to read books or to go to the cinema or to go on a trip due to today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Generally, I lack the time to do all my hobbies, which I did five years ago.

In conclusion, I reckon that all the things in my life have changed for the best. However, even more changes would be welcome!

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